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Secure Online Payments accepted at end of shopping cart via Paypal currently.  If you have items to trade, sell instead please contact...

Orders can be sent to our physical address for M.O., Cash, Check payments.  Checks may be held. 

Go to our home page and scroll down to the contact section for any order / shipping questions. 

All DVD-R's guaranteed to work for entire time we are offering it.  Just return faulty DVD or be regular customer to get replacements sent.  Packaging subject to change.  

All Media and Vendor items sold are new and guaranteed to work.  Used items may be for sale at times in the "Limited Quantity,..." Category and marked as such.   We can't preview sealed items or check every item, but rarely have any playback issues.  

Contact us if items from a vendor have playback issues.  

Please note: Classic, Rare Media and Transfers most often are not in HD and instead are digitized analog signals of varying quality.   

No payment or other information is collected for reuse by this site.